Weekly Postings

  • Movie Monday
    • As much as I say I love movies, I have to tell you, I don’t watch nearly enough. My goal for the year is to watch twice as many movies and I might as well give you my input on them. Plus, it’ll make my media degree look super useful.
  • Tunes Tuesday
    • As a Pisces, I am in love with music. Music is literally my life. I can’t function without music. My taste isn’t for everyone but it’s for someone and that’s good enough for me. Check in to see what I’ve been obsessed with and what I’m recommending.
  • Woman Crush Wednesday
    • Women are strong as hell and they deserved to be recognized. My Wednesday’s are dedicated to women who are working hard and kicking ass in the world. Get to know some of my favorite badass women and see all the cool shit they’re doing.
  • 365 Thursday
    • Sometimes creativity falls short and I’m not going to pretend that I have some magical power that gives me unlimited ideas. Thursday’s will be dedicated to prompts about God knows what.
  • Fuck It Friday
    • On Fridays, I get to say “Fuck it” and talk about whatever’s been on my mind this week.