Tune Tuesday: Sing it from the top of your lungs.

Hello, my music loving friends! It’s time for another Tune Tuesday where I talk about the music I like, whether you like it or not. This week (and last week too), I’ve been really into music that can only be sung at the top of your lungs. Whether it be a petty breakup song roasting your ex-boyfriend or an upbeat love song that really shows how in love you are, these are the songs that are best when sung beyond your vocal capacity. Here are this week’s picks. 

You Suck-Abigail Breslin

This song. This friggin song. It’s terrible. It’s petty. I am living for it. Abigail Breslin (i.e Little Miss Sunshine) decided to have a music career for God knows what reason and this is the result. This pop song is a big eff you to her ex-boyfriend Michael Clifford (the one who’s clothes are too big and his hair is so ridiculous) and you can feel the hurt, man. It’s so sad, honestly. Remember when everyone used to roast she who shall not be named because I’m worried that somehow she’ll find my blog and fine me a million dollars (rhymes with Shmaylor Shift) over her songs that would subtly roast her ex’s? This is exactly like that and people need to talk about it. Like, this is the type of song my petty 12-year-old ass would have wrote to get back at a boy that hurt me, which is essentially the song. While this song is complete crap as far as quality goes, I can see myself ironically singing it in the car after a shitty date or a break up (as if I’d be in a relationship) but then that irony is lost and I’m genuinely singing it at the top of my lungs. Friggin amazing.

Sour Patch Kids-Bryce Vine

Since summer’s coming up (given that the weather gets it’s shit together), I’ve been trying to get into that mindset. I need to get in the mood, you know? Because I hate summer. I hate heat. I hate humidity. I hate bugs. I hate being out of school. It’s just not a fun time for me. So, I need music to get me there. Sour Patch Kids definitely gives me that vibe. The song is all about giving up responsibility and just rocking out with some sour patch kids and a coke can. Who doesn’t want a life that simple? That would just be ideal. I see myself jamming to this song on full volume with the windows down in the car with my best friend. Super cinematic like. It just has summer written all over it, end of story.

Dead End-The Format

I’ll be honest, I don’t have anything super deep about this song. It’s just upbeat and I feel like when you hear other people scream a song, you just wanna scream it too. That’s the Format. They’re their own hype men on their tracks. They just make you wanna sing their songs at the top of your lungs. Nuff said.

Body Bag-Hit The Lights.

Aggressive and angry, just how I like my music. I remember listening to this song in 6th or 7th grade and feeling like a bad bitch by the standards of my emo community. It was that song you felt in your heart when your emo crush complemented another girl’s eyeliner or trip pants. This is one of those songs where you can’t just sing it, you have to belt it. If you’re not feeling it when you’re singing it, you not really listening to it.

Inside of You-The Maine

The course is screamable for one of two reasons depending on your level of maturity- 1. You’re a love-sick individual who knows that no matter how much you love someone you’re just never going to get inside their heart and their mind or 2. Sex. You’re straight up never having sex with them. Either way, play this in your car and crank it up. Such a good release.

Come Around-Sing It Loud

Like most of the music I still listen to, when I hear this, I think back to being 14-years-old. I remember my mom driving me and three of my friend to a Forever the Sickest Kids/Sing It Loud/Hit the Lights/Cobra Starship concert in Pennsylvania, which was an 1 and 45 minutes away from where I lived. We were little ass kids man and my mom had no idea what this whole concert thing was about. But it was probably one of these best concert experiences of my young life. In fact, that was my first small venue concert. Almost nine years later, I still think about screaming these lyrics with a bunch of die-hard fans in the basement of a venue that no longer exists. This is probably what my dad feels like.

Here (In Your Arms)-Hellogoodbye

You try listening to this song without singing it louder than expected. I dare you. Hellogoodbye just has this way about them that even their simplest songs deserve to be sung louder than expected.

Bittersweet Life-My Favorite Highway

This song is me. At least in my mind, I think it’s me. It’s all about falling in love with someone you thought loved you back but you dun goofed and they don’t so you have to move on. That has been the exact story of my sad, sad love life. If it’s relatable, I’m screaming it.

Absolutely (Story of a Girl)-Nine Days

Classic. You just get it or you don’t.

That’s it for this week’s Tune Tuesday. I’ll catch you next week!


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