365 Thursday: What Makes Me Happy

When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class and for each marking period, we had to write something. It didn’t matter what it was as long as it was something that existed and was written. My first piece was a list of things that make me happy and now that that’s almost five years behind me, I think it’s time that I revise that.

So, what does make me, a 23-year-old millennial woman, happy?

When my cat sleeps next to my head or when she rests any part of her body on me or when she just shows me she loves me to any capacity because she’s a fickle bitch. Finding a cozy and cheap happy hour spot. The first bite of a meal you’ve been looking forward to all day. Fast food. Making eye contact with a cute stranger on the street, hubba hubba.

But here’s some specifics.

This is too many people, ok? I don’t care.

Getting to the train on time and getting in a car that has multiple seats empty on the side of the train that I need to get off on or at least a car that isn’t too crowded. See, I’m a problem. If I get to the train too early, I run the risk of getting on the wrong one like I’ve done so many times before. I also don’t like touching people or having people touch me so you know, a crowded train kinda screws that up. And, I always have this fear that I’m not gunna be able to get off at my stop because everyone is stupid and selfish on the train. Like, if you’re going to stand in front of the doors, you need to be aware of everything. You need to be prepared to gtfo of the way when people are trying to get off. Also, people never wait for the commuters to get off. C’mon, I get you’re in a rush but the faster I get off, the faster you get on.

When someone says “I read that in your voice.” I don’t know what it is about that phrase but it’s just so damn comforting. I guess it just makes me feel like someone is truly listening to me when I talk. It’s the highest form of flattery for me.

Finding a new show to binge watch. I’m not a picky watcher but at the same time, I totally am. Sure, I’m open to new shows but sometimes, you just like what you like. I’ve watched the entire Criminal Minds series three times in a row. Bob’s Burgers? Five times. Parks and Rec? Don’t even get me started. I just have a hard time with change and letting go. And I’ve tried, trust me. I’ll look through all that Netflix and Hulu have to offer but somehow, I just go back to the tried and true favorites. Currently, I’m really into The Mindy Project. I can’t believe I slept on this show. If you have any recommendations, help a girl out.

My precious cat, Minnie.

Finding out my cat has left me her favorite toy as an offering of love and affection. Since I left for college this year, my cat hates my guts. I swear to you she gives me dirty looks all the time and she acts like it’s a bother for her to even be near me. She thinks that if she doesn’t make eye contact with me, I don’t exist. She’ll also go from a regular walk to a cheetah like run when she’s passing my bed. So, when she brings her toy out from my dad’s room in any direction towards my room, I know feel like she still loves me and that’s all any cat owner wants.

Mutual hate for something. There is nothing I love more than talking shit about stuff. I love complaining just for the sake of complaining and if you’re one of those people who say “Oh I don’t like complaining. I’d rather just fix the problem,” you can’t be trusted, okay? You just can’t. Complaining isn’t always about real issues. Sometimes you just need to vent about little things that aren’t that big of a deal, like how you don’t really care for a friends vlog because it’s not the type of content that you’re into or how you don’t really like how bossy someone is. These are not things that really need to be fixed. It’s just personal issues, you know? And having a mutual hate for things like that just unites people and brings them together to do just that. It’s great to have a community vent session. It’s what keeps friend groups together. It honestly makes the world go round and, if all the countries were able to have productive venting sessions, we probably wouldn’t be in the shit state that we’re in.

Of course, that’s not all the things that make me happy, but I guess that’s what I’m feeling is the most important right now. What about you? What makes you happy right at this moment? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next Thursday for another 365 experience.


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