356 Thursdays: 10 Facts About Me

I don’t think there’s a better way to start off a new relationship than to share some things about yourself (Well, money is a good way too. It’s probably a better way actually but that’s neither here nor there). So, in efforts to make me more “relatable” and breakdown this virtual wall between us, I’m going to share 10 things about myself. I didn’t really know where to start, so I ended up randomly selecting ten questions from this list

  • Where I’m from
    • I’m from North Jersey, the land of Taylor Ham and the most bomb slice you will ever have in your life. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, New Jersey? Gross.” That or, “Oh my god, do you know/have you been too/can you say “insert some stereotypical New Jersey thing.” And the answer to those questions are as follows, respectively- Yeah, you wouldn’t get it and yeah, I know Melissa Gorga/I’ve been to the shore store/ *says coffee like cawfee and says dog like dawg*. Honestly, New Jersey gets a bad rap. It really isn’t that awful and it’s more convenient than people realize. I’m less than 50 minutes away from 3 different airports. I can get to new york in less than 20 minutes. If it’s 3 am and I’m craving Flamin’ Hot Funyuns, chances are I can walk 4 minutes in any direction and find a bodega or 7/11 that’s open. If I’ve been binge drinking and need a solid meal before I pass out, it would be no issue to find a 24-hour diner. I’m also close as shit to a ton of forests, farms, beaches, you name it.  Plus, over the two weeks, I’ve gotten to experience all four seas like twice. That’s pretty neat.



  • Favorite Sports
    • To watch, I’m a real big hockey fan. I have no friggin’ clue what’s happening when it’s happening but I love the energy and the fast pace of the game. And, the occasional violence doesn’t hurt. I mean, who doesn’t want two sports at once? You get tickets to a hockey game and then there’s like a 30% chance that a boxing match’ll break out. It’s really a win-win. As far as playing goes, I love volleyball. I started getting interested in the sport at around 8th grade and actually played for a year in 9th grade, well if you can call it “playing”. The team I was on was god awful. Like, as individuals, everyone (but me) had potential. We just couldn’t get the whole team thing down. And, I wasn’t much help because I sucked so much ass and wasn’t competitive enough to play. It’s was a nice for funsies activity but you couldn’t pay me to take it up competitively again. 


  • Favorite Places
    • For one, I love New York City. I don’t care what anyone says it is literally one of the best cities in the world so that one. I love where my mother’s from in the Philippines and I miss it dearly. Other places that are my favorite that is not spaces that are cities include but are not limited to: my bed, any vehicle that is being used for a road trip, school, any place with some sort of food, museums, aquariums, zoos, etc.
  • My Sign
    • My sun is in Pisces, moon, and Midheaven in Taurus, rising in Leo. If you’re into astrology and understand that, it’s pretty accurate.


  • Piercings/Tattoos
    • As of right now, I’ve got two piercings that I actually use (my left nostril and my septum) both ears which only get shit in them when I’m feeling fancy or need a pick me up, and I have two tattoos (one of a little origami bird named Oz on my left wrist and a pinky swear on my right arm that matches my best friend Megan’s).

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  • Perfect Day In
    • Any time that I don’t have to go out is a perfect day in and I’m not trying to be cute or quirky with that one. Ideally, I’d be in my most comfortable state- in my bed, no pants, no bra, wrapped in a comfy blanket with my cat laying next to me, binge watching something on Netflix/Hulu while eating cheese. That’s the dream.
  • Favorite Parts of The Day
    • I think it depends on the day. On an everyday basis, anytime I get to take my pants/bra off (much like most girls). On an almost everyday basis, going to the gym (shocking, I know) and going to school. I know I keep mentioning school like a nerd but I just really love the atmosphere of that place. It’s inspiring to be there and typically when I’m there, I’m spending time with people I like, so. 
  • What I wanted to be when I grow up
    • This came in like three parts. When I was basically a zygote (age 5 or 6) I wanted to be the president. At some point I really lost interest in that shit, thank god. Being the president much suck. It’s a thankless job and like no one is ever happy with you. Plus, my talents are better elsewhere. When I was a fetus (age 16 or 17), I wanted to be a therapist or something in the mental health field. I was always into psychology and I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people. However, when I got to senior year of high school and took AP Psych I realized that I could never make that a career. Now, as a fake adult, I wanna be in the media field, specifically in pre and post production. I’d also like to do something in community outreach or mentoring. End goal though is to teach production at a college level. We’ll check back in like ten years to see how that’s going.
  • Things that Make me cry
    • Oh my god, what doesn’t make me cry? That’s honestly my claim to fame is crying about shit. Well, that and being an extreme cat lover, which is a story for another day. Anyway, I’m just a very sensitive and emotional person and crying is one of my favorite things to do. One specific example of my ridiculous crying dates back to senior year of college. The time, approximately 7 am. My roommate and I are sitting in the living room watching television before work. Dog The Bounty Hunter is one. I don’t know what the case is but someone dies and I lose my shit. Tears just start streaming down my face like I just watched the part where Bambi’s mother died. It was then I knew my life was out of control.
  • Favorite Holidays
    • One compound word my friend: Thanksgiving. What is there not to like about a holiday that focuses on eating. Sure, the history is a little seedy and dark but if you acknowledge that shittiness and rearrange your meanings, it’s a really good holiday. For me, Thanksgiving is about togetherness and spending time with your family, which is all I really want in my life. It’s the same reason I love Easter. I don’t care about the rest of that religious crap that goes with it. I just love being with my family.

So yeah, that’s my 10 facts. Hopefully, I’m not as disappointing or as lame as you thought. Come back next Thursday for another 365 writing prompt!


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